Sacred Media Presents:

Evolutionary Dynamics

A Five Volume Advanced Training Program
to Master the Integral Framework
and Harness the Forces That Influence
Human Growth & Development

with Acclaimed Author & Philosopher Ken Wilber

Open for Pre-Registration
Until August 24th

Accelerate Your Evolution, Gain Deep Insight Into Yourself & Others,
& Affect Real Change in Our World

Like others in Ken’s community, you’re probably witnessing the world today and wondering how this is possible.

How, with all that is known about the nature of human development, are we still in such a deep state of chaos and conflict?

How is it possible that we’re capable of inventing the internet, exploring our solar system, and decoding our DNA, but we can’t solve our real global problems—like hunger, poverty, and conflict?

There are obviously deeper issues keeping us from outgrowing those destructive patterns. As you’ve probably discovered, even having access to a powerful tool like the Integral Operating System, doesn’t necessarily mean life will automatically go the way you think it should.

As a student of Ken’s work, you’re aware that nearly everyone struggles with unexpected challenges in their lives, and that there are evolutionary dynamics shaping those struggles.

You know about the levels of development, the lines of intelligence, and states of consciousness, as well as typologies, and the fundamental dimensions of reality.

You’re aware of these evolutionary dynamics. Unfortunately, whether we are aware of them or not, they shape our world-views and our societies. They influence every action we take. They shape our individual lives and our communities.

The discovery of these dynamics is one of the most important insights into human nature ever uncovered and has profound implications for our future if we can learn to channel them consciously to affect real change in ourselves and our world.

Throughout history...

Throughout history, humans have opened possibilities through focused inquiry into the principles of nature. For example, the discovery of optics gave us microscopes and telescopes. This led to breakthroughs in medicine and a deeper understanding of the planets and the stars.

The discovery of DNA gave us gene sequencing. This has led to breakthroughs in many domains of science. The discovery of electricity gave us light and technology. This made the digital revolution possible. Each time we discover more about the structures of our reality, we unlock greater capacities to generate change, in ourselves and in the world.

Consider the discovery of the Tradewinds…

Just consider, as one example of the power of understanding natural dynamics, the discovery of the tradewinds. These are the winds that blow in consistent patterns over the surface of our planet.  

When pioneering mariners first discovered these winds, they revolutionized life on Earth and began what historians call, “The Age of Sail.” This was the dawn of international trade and travel.  The world’s great civilizations began to encounter one another in both conflict and cooperation.

It revealed new territories, new opportunities, and new risks. And it fundamentally changed the fate of life on earth.  For better or worse, individual lives, regional economies, and even entire nations were irreversible transformed.   And the advantage was in the hands of those who truly understood the Tradewinds. Once a mystery, the ocean winds, became an ally to those who learned to work with them.

The evolutionary dynamics of human growth and development are much like those ocean tradewinds…

Once revealed, they can allow you to reshape your path and your destiny, and contribute to the transformation of life on earth.  

Harvard Studies on Self-Evolution

Robert Kegan, professor of Adult Learning and Professional Development at Harvard Graduate School is a pioneering researcher on the forefront of this discovery.

He first presented the idea of self evolution in his 1982 book, The Evolving Self. According to Kegan, self evolution means to take responsibility for your internal authority. To establish your own values and ideologies, independent of those you’ve been handed by culture and by society as a whole.

In Kegan’s work at Harvard, his research revealed the specific stages or “orders” of conscious we all grow through, and they are truly fascinating.

Robert Kegan's Orders of Consciousness


Order Zero

Order Zero is the order you are born into.  This is when you live in an “objectless world.”  Everything is taken in with your senses and perceived as an extension of yourself.  The only things that exist to you, are what you are seeing and experiencing in the moment.


Order One

Order One is called “Meaning Making” and occurs around age two.  This  is where you begin to realize you can control your own reflexes.  You  can recognize that there are things that exist outside yourself, even when you can’t see them. And while you start to make meaning of your experiences, your thoughts and feelings tend to be illogical and impulsive. You become attached to whatever or whoever is present in your environment at any given time.  


Order Two

Order Two is “The Instrumental Mind,” and is where you begin to think and behave in more logical and organized ways.  You begin creating internal classifications of ideas, objects, and people Your feelings are capable of lasting beyond the moment, and you rely more on rules, boundaries, and directions You also begin to have greater clarity about who you are and what you want, as well as developing skills for competition and compromise.  


Order Three

.Order Three marks the arrival of “The Socialized Mind.” This is where you become capable of more complex and abstract thoughts and feelings.  You’re able to make and keep commitments to people, communities and ideas. You now look to others to provide you with validation, love, direction and encouragement. You are also capable of providing those same experiences for others. According to Kegan, most adults will not develop beyond this stage.


Order Four

Order Four, “The Self-Authoring Mind” is a stage that very few people in this generation will evolve into because it requires a “quantum leap” to a new level of autonomy and awareness beyond the comfort and safety of society and community.  Understanding evolutionary dynamics is the key to opening up that world.


Order Five

“The Self-Transforming Mind” is the pinnacle of human development and is yet another “leap” to a new level of awareness and possibility.  Your capacity for connection becomes so deep that the lines between you and others and the universe itself become blurred.  You see beyond ideas of self and systems entirely and experience only the flow of evolution through your being, allowing you to transform yourself at will.  According to Kegan, very few people ever reach this stage because so few even make it to the Self-Authoring stage, which you must pass through first  to become Self-Transforming.  If you aspire to reach this final stage, you must first passionately cultivate your capacity to self-author your life.

Commit to the Journey of Self-Authoring

Robert Kegan’s research suggests that those who are able to grow into self-authorship will be able to shape not only themselves, but humanity’s future.

This transformation requires that you tap into your own capacities to craft your own authentic narrative and write your own life story.

And this is why a genuine understanding of Evolutionary Dynamics is so profound. Just as an author might use an understanding of language to shape a novel, you will use an understanding of evolution to shape your life.

Ken not only studied Kegan’s research, along with the research of many others in the field, he then did some extensive research of his own and built upon his understanding of Kegan’s work to design a comprehensive system for understanding and utilizing those hidden structures that underlie all human development and evolution.

This system has come to be known as Integral Theory (AQAL) of which the Superhuman OS is a part, and now Ken and his brilliant team have pulled together his life’s work in this definitive new training that will teach you the developmental framework to be able to “master the craft” of self-authoring in your own life.

Evolutionary Dynamics
A Five-Volume Advanced Training

Unlock the Power Of

Evolutionary Dynamics is the most comprehensive, in-depth study of Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory ever created. This five-volume advanced program walks you, step-by-step, through each of the lenses of the Integral Operating System, giving you an incredible opportunity to gain a Masters-level understanding of the evolutionary dynamics that shape your life and our whole reality.

Once you fully understand and have deeply mastered the interplay of these dynamics in your day-to-day experience, you will no longer be at the whim and will of those forces and can instead channel them to create lasting impact in every area of your own life and in our world.

Over the 18 months of the program, you will discover how to truly see those dynamics at work in every moment of your own life and in the lives of others, enabling you to more quickly adapt to new situations, learn new skills, and take advantage of new opportunities when they arise.

The program will provide you with everything you’ll need to begin to evolve yourself at a higher level and help others around you do the same…

And with this immersive Integral experience to draw upon for the rest of your life, whole new vistas of possibility will open up for you and you will truly become the architect of your own future.

What You Will Learn:

5 Amazing Capacities You’ll Develop When
You Harness the Power of Evolutionary Dynamics

1. Cultivate A Greater Mastery of Yourself

Once you fully understand and have deeply mastered the interplay of evolutionary dynamics within yourself, you’ll develop the capacity to channel that energy as fuel for your transformation. You’ll illuminate your core strengths and unique gifts while learning how to best leverage them. You’ll uncover your developmental weaknesses and shadow pathologies while learning how to work with and correct them. You’ll cultivate the ability to perceive yourself through multiple lenses thereby gaining deeper insight into who you really are and all that you are capable of being.

2. Access Profound Insight into Other People

In your work and in your private life, you’ll be able to see evolutionary dynamics at play in everyone you meet, allowing you to understand and communicate with them much more effectively. You’ll develop the capacity to see the world through the eyes of others and be able to authentically relate and empathize with them at a much deeper level. You’ll understand their core values and motivations, even if they don’t themselves. You’ll dramatically improve your ability to create connection, resolve conflict and support others in cultivating their higher potentials.

3. Understand the Dynamics Behind World Events

You’ll develop the capacity to understand the evolutionary dynamics at play in both local and world events. The subtle influences behind regional and national conflicts will become crystal clear and the cultural dramas on the world stage will begin to make perfect sense.  You’ll also discover how to best leverage your time and energy to create real impact in the causes that are most important to you.

4. Predict the Future with Greater Accuracy

You’ll not only be able to see evolutionary dynamics at work everywhere in the world around you, you’ll be able to see how those dynamics have shaped your life and everyone else’s, as well as the whole history of our species. And because you’ll be able to see those dynamics so clearly, you’ll often be able to effectively predict the future and seemingly read people’s minds, as you’ll be able to see exactly where they are in the evolutionary current. You can then use your understanding of those dynamics to connect with them at their level of development and create lasting impact in their lives and in the world.

5. Experience A New Level of Possibility In Your Life

As you attain greater mastery of evolutionary dynamics, you’ll gain the ultimate advantage in “self-authoring” your life and contributing to the creation of a more conscious and sustainable world. You’ll deeply understand the process of developmental evolution and its trajectory towards greater integration and wholeness. You’ll discover how to harness these evolutionary forces to empower your own development and self-author your life. You’ll gain a deeper insight into the underlying unity that pervades existence and the limitless potential that is latent within us all.

About Ken Wilber

Ken Wilber is one of the pioneers of the movement to gain a  deeper understanding of human consciousness and has been on the leading edge of research into the emerging new stage of human development for more than four decades.

Since the publication of his first groundbreaking book on human potential when he was only 23, Ken has deepened the conversation with each of his 26 successive books, and seen his work translated into 30 languages.

He’s been called “The Einstein of consciousness,” “One of the smartest humans alive,” and “One of the greatest thinkers in history,” and he is internationally respected as one of the preeminent teachers and scholars in his field.

His books are used as textbooks in universities around the world. They include:  A Brief History of Everything,  Grace and Grit, No Boundary,  A Theory of Everything,  The Marriage of Sense and Soul, and Boomeritis: A Novel That Will Set You Free

What Thought Leaders Are Saying...

"Ken Wilber is a genius..."

“Ken Wilber is a genius… I don’t think there is a human being alive that has developed a more comprehensive theory of life, psychology & spirituality.”

Anthony Robbins
Best Selling Author and Personal Development Coach

"Ken Wilber is a teacher of the teachers..."

“Ken Wilber is a teacher of the teachers. His work is fundamental. Who among us can really take a serious role (in our individual and collective evolution) who are not familiar with his work?”

Marianne Williamson
Best Selling Author and Teacher

"An ability to see beyond the differences among us...”

“If ordinary people don’t perceive that our grand ideas are working in their lives, then they can’t develop the higher level of consciousness, to use a term that American philosopher Ken Wilber wrote a whole book about. He said, you know, the problem is the world needs to be more integrated, but it requires a consciousness that’s way up here, and an ability to see beyond the differences among us.”

Bill Clinton
42nd President of the United States

"It is no wonder that you have been called the Einstein of consciousness..."

“You have been amazing as an influence on my life. When I began my research on mind-body medicine, I came across your work on consciousness and I knew you were going to become a guide and mentor to me. I learned everything about Integral thinking and consciousness from you. It is no wonder that you have been called the Einstein of consciousness.”

Deepak Chopra
Bestselling Author & Teacher

"A great beacon of light is shining and calling us all toward our own higher and deeper nature...."

“You have had a profoundly enlightening effect on my understanding of the nature of creativity and consciousness and how they are intertwined. The kind of gratitude I feel for your core teaching that has illuminated my own journey of self­ discovery is that I live at a time when such a great beacon of light is shining and calling us all toward our own higher and deeper nature.”

Alex Grey
Visionary Artist, Author and Teacher

"Your ideas have transformed my life and therefore I can say it has transformed Whole Foods Markets..."

“You’ve had an amazing impact on my own life. You’ve also had an impact on so many. Your ideas have transformed my life and therefore I can say it has transformed Whole Foods Markets. It’s had a huge impact on the way I think about our business, our culture and the way I lead. You truly are a great man!”

John Mackey
Founder & CEO of Whole Foods Markets

"Philosophical geniuses like Ken Wilber have surfaced as major thinkers of our times....

“A new field or meta-discipline is beginning to form around the themes of conscious evolution. Philosophical geniuses like Ken Wilber, originator of Integral Theory, have surfaced as major thinkers of our times.”

Barbara Marx Hubbard
Evolutionary Author & Teacher

"It is such a gift you give us.....

“Our conversations always flow so easily from the psychological to the personal. You speak in ways that I think about things. You make articulate the idea that philosophy is relevant to our lives. You imagine ways for us to understand the world. It is such a gift you give us.”

Lana Wachowski
Award Winning Screenwriter & Director

Course Information

Master the integral framework to harness the forces
that influence human growth and development

In Ken’s Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training Program, you will discover how to skillfully navigate the subtle currents of evolution, allowing you to then begin to work with them to truly “self-author” your life and affect real change in the domains that are important to you.

In your daily life, you’ll be able to… Choose how you want your life to unfold every day, month, and year… Fix weaknesses you see in yourself… Leverage your strengths to make a bigger contribution… Discover and heal wounds you carry from past experiences… Develop mastery in domains you commit to… Improve your tribe, business, family, and community in any way you choose…

And most importantly, you’ll be able to write a new story for your life, again and again.

Here Is Everything You'll Receive When You Register

Volume I: Levels of Development

In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Levels, you’ll dive deep into the 8 stages that are the substratum of all individual and cultural development, Archaic, Magic, Magic/Mythic, Mythic, Rational, Pluralistic, Integral, and Super Integral. Under Ken’s mentorship, you’ll be guided, step-by-step through the remarkable terrain of each emergent level of human evolution and how they play out in your daily life. In the process you’ll discover how these levels subtly operate within your awareness and how they profoundly influence the thoughts, beliefs and actions of all people and communities on our planet. Ken will then show you how to use your knowledge of those levels to help you on your journey to Self-Authorship.

What you'll learn in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume I

  • Harness the latent capacities of each level and the evolutionary challenges you must face to attain them.
  • Illuminate the hidden pathologies inherent in each level and learn the tools you need to restore them to balance.
  • Discover how to utilize the unique attributes of each level of development to catalyze your psycho-spiritual evolution
  • Uncover the ancient roots of human culture and the remarkable trajectory of our astounding future

Release Date:

April 2018

Training Tuition: $995

Volume II: Lines of Development

In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Lines, you’ll take what you learned in Volume One and use it to explore the 7 key lines of human development in exacting detail: Cognitive, Intrapersonal, Emotional/Irrational, Somatic, Moral, Spiritual, and Willpower. With Ken as your guide, you’ll discover exactly how each of line of development behaves at each level, and how to be aware of their subtle and not so subtle effects on your behavior and experiences. When you truly understand these forces, you will be able to make a dramatic shift in your moment-to-moment engagement with your life and the world around you.

What you'll learn in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume II

  • Illuminate the skills and wisdom each line gives you access to.
  • Identify the lines where you are strong and learn how to leverage your strengths in any situation.
  • Identify your weaknesses and discover ways strengthen them or work around them.
  • Discover how to use the lines to identify new potentials you can aspire to and access to achieve your goals. 

Release Date:

October 2018

Training Tuition: $995

Volume III: States of Consciousness

The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on States is the next step on your journey to self authorship as you take a deep dive with Ken into the 5 states of consciousness: Gross (Waking), Subtle (Dreaming), Causal (Deep Dreamless Sleep), Witness, and Non Dual. Ken will give you a profound and eye-opening tour of each state and show you how each one can be effectively used to accomplish specific goals. Ken will then show you how to use your profound new clarity to further step toward self-authorship in every area of your life. 

What you'll learn in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume III

  • Experience a revolutionary new insight into what you are capable of accessing within your own interior. 
  • Learn practices that will increase your effectiveness in every state. 
  • Develop a whole new understanding of the world’s faith traditions.
  • Identify new growth possibilities that will enhance your life.

Release Date:

January 2018

Training Tuition: $995

Volume IV: Types and Drives

In the Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Types, you will expand on everything you’ve explored so far. With Ken beside you every step of the way, you will embark on a deep exploration of the 4 core types or drives that affect individual expression of evolutionary dynamics: Eros, the upward drive toward transformation), Agape (the downward drive toward embracing love), Agency (horizontal individuation), and Communion (vertical individuation). Ken will dig deep into the intricacies of what these drives are and how they shape our lives and our cultures. 

What you'll learn in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume IV

  • Discover the deeper reasons behind our natural behavioral tendencies toward one or another. 
  • Learn practices you can engage to integrate healthy expressions of all 4 types/drives into your life.
  • Uncover the potential allergies and pathologies that occur with each type and learn how to avoid them. 
  • Understand how your gender influences your evolutionary path.

Release Date:

March 2018

Training Tuition: $995

Volume V: Evolutionary Dimension (Quadrants)

The Evolutionary Dynamics Master Course on Quadrants is the most profound and game-changing volume of the entire Evolutionary Dynamics Library. It pulls together everything you’ve learned in the first four volumes and plots the elements within the 4 dimensions or quadrants of reality. With Ken you’ll explore the interconnected relationship of each level, line, state, and type within each of the quadrants. This is culmination of your Journey of Self-Authorship where you’ll bring together all of the tools in one Masters toolkit you can use to shape and reshape your life, again and again.

What you'll learn in Evolutionary Dynamics: Volume V

  • Discover how to access tools that will allow you to diagnose your health, the health of others, and even of organizations within each dimension.
  • Identify which dimensions are most foreign and uncomfortable for you.
  • Leverage your strengths in one domain to help your weaknesses in another.  
  • Discover how you can best affect change in each quadrant.

Release Date:

June 2019

Training Tuition: $995

When You Enroll, You Will Also Receive...

World-Renowned Guest Facilitators

During Ken’s introductory training, his guest faculty included luminaries such as Tony Robbins, Marianne Williamson, Tami Simon, Robert Masters, Seane Corn, David Wolf, and many others who generously offered to facilitate additional trainings to accompany the course. For the Evolutionary Dynamics advanced training, Ken will be collaborating with many new thought leaders and teachers to facilitate complimentary sessions that will show you how to apply the Integral Framework in the real world. Additionally, when you enroll in the Evolutionary Dynamics training, you’ll have the opportunity to suggest specific facilitators and thought leaders you would like us to reach out to for Ken to interview or to lead additional trainings. These sessions will be custom-designed to provide real-world examples of how to apply the integral framework in a wide variety contexts.

Unlimited Lifetime Access

When you enroll in the 5-Volume Evolutionary Dynamics advanced training, you’ll receive an Unlimited Lifetime Membership to the program. This includes the online learning platform, course materials, and all future updates to the course. We will be continually evolving this training based on student participation and feedback so you can rest assured that you’ll have unrestricted access to the training as it develops, anytime you like, for the rest of your life.

What students of Ken's Introductory Training are saying...

Pre-Registration Bonuses

The Philosopher's Circle

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, the great philosophers and thinkers of every generation have gathered students around them, to share their discoveries and wisdom, further explore the leading-edge ideas of their time, and train and mentor the next generation of thinkers who could carry the torch forward into the future.

Plato was trained by Socrates, and he in turn mentored Aristotle, and between them, they not only sewed the first seeds of democratic thought and culture in the world…

They also each trained others who carried their legacies forward, advancing those ideas through the ages in the minds of each new generation of students who then became teachers (many of great renown) themselves.

Even today, when great thinkers gather their students around them, it is often referred to as a Platonic Circle or Philosophers Circle, in recognition of those pioneers who first laid the groundwork and inspired us to begin thinking and inquiring more deeply about the big questions of our human experience: 

Who are we? Why are we here? And, How are we to live

Monthly Live Contemplations

With this in mind, we want to announce the creation of world-renowned philosopher Ken Wilber’s Philosophers Circle. 

Ken is one of the most respected and bestselling philosophers in the modern world, and his Philosophers Circle will be a gathering of like-minded others who are ready to pursue that deeper inquiry into the leading edge of our understanding of human consciousness and the universe itself. 

Integral philosophers from all walks of life are invited to join this circle alongside your global brothers and sisters—invited to become one of those to whom Ken passes his torch, and to carry it forward.

Inside this powerful circle of inspired pursuit, students will be able to submit ideas and questions for discussion consideration to the group to explore in the Philosophers Circle private community.


Ken will be a part of this group and will select 5-10 of the most forward-focused inquiries each month to explore more fully and openly during his monthly, live, 60+ minute conversations with the Philosophers Circle community. 

This will then lead to further exploration in the private community, which will then inform and inspire the next month’s inquiry. 

Ken is ready to pass his torch to the next generation of integral thinkers, and this Philosophers Circle is his way of gathering those students around him who are ready to take that torch in hand and join together in a deeper exploration of the mysteries of our universe.


Pre-Registration Bonus

For the first 16 Students to Register

Regular Price: $1997
(Free with Registration Today)

Integral Entrepreneurship Mastermind

Renowned business leader Jim Rohn has a phrase that is has gained a lot of popularity.

"You are the sum of the five people closest to you."

And there are a number of research studies that support this claim. The effect our peers have on our life is powerful. That’s why he recommend mastermind groups.

A Mastermind Group is not about a teacher student relationship.  It’s about coming together with like-minded peers that all aspire to reach new heights.   Together, in a mastermind group, we can provide on another feedback, support, inspiration, and connections.  

A Mastermind Group is not about a teacher student relationship.  It’s about coming together with like-minded peers that all aspire to reach new heights.   Together, in a mastermind group, we can provide on another feedback, support, inspiration, and connections.  

Now, those with an Integral or Evolutionary lens already have a hard enough time finding the support group to live out their highest values in day to day life. When you add the responsibilities of an entrepreneur to that, the peer group becomes even smaller.

So we are inviting you to a rare opportunity. An opportunity to connect with one another, from around the world, in a monthly mastermind group with like-minded aspiring Integral Entrepreneurs.

These groups will be hosted by the co-founder of Sacred Media, the organization behind Superhuman OS and Evolutionary Dynamics. Together we will explore how we can weave our evolutionary values into our role as entrepreneurs, creators, employers and service providers.

These are available as a pre-registration offer to the first 16 students who register, for the advanced Evolutionary Mastermind training with Ken Wilber. ‘

If you think you’d benefit from being part of this second-tier business think tank then I encourage you to reserve your space soon.

What You'll Receive...

Over 30+ hours of Advanced Audio Teachings with Ken

These exclusive teachings for the Evolutionary Dynamics training are culmination of 6 months of preparation and over a month of live recording with Ken at his loft in Denver Colorado. In these rare recordings, Ken distills the core essence of his life’s work in the most comprehensive teachings on Integral Theory he’s ever recorded. In these powerful sessions he not only teaches “Integral Theory” but an in depth approach to “Integral Practice” and how to best utilize his powerful framework in your relationships, your work and your daily life.

Over 30+ hours of Animated Video Teachings with Narration

In order to better communicate the concepts presented in Evolutionary Dynamics, we have taken the core audio from Ken’s 5-volume advanced training and have created a complimentary visual presentation to enhance learning and memorization. In addition to the motion graphics video, the course audio has been re-recorded with a professional narrator to further enhance the presentation and increase your listening pleasure.

5-Volume Evolutionary Dynamics Book Collection

Each volume of Evolutionary Dynamics comes with 3 unique books, in either digital and physical format, to instruct you on the subtleties of the evolutionary dynamic framework. The first book contains edited transcripts of the core teachings and practices. The second book contains over 30 hours of edited Question & Answer sessions that further elucidate on the nuance of framework. Both of these unique texts are important preparatory materials for the third copy in the series, a 5-part workbook designed to help you integrate the core lessons into your moment-to-moment awareness.

Private Online Learning Platform

When the Evolutionary Dynamics Program starts, you’ll gain access to our proprietary online learning platform where you’ll have all of the audio, video and learning resources at your fingertips. In addition, you’ll also receive access to the powerful course bonuses and online community features. Our platform has been custom-designed to work seamlessly on desktop and mobile devices so that you can access and download the Evolutionary Dynamics Training volumes anywhere and anytime.

Facilitated Community Sessions and Forums

As you progress through the Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training, you’ll have the opportunity to engage with others in our diverse global community. We will be facilitating group discussions in both online forums and on live interactive calls to discuss how to apply the evolutionary dynamics framework to real-world challenges. This is a remarkable opportunity to connect with and support other conscious people of like mind and heart through this empowering journey of transformation.

Transformative Practices and Self-Diagnostic Exercises

Throughout the Evolutionary Dynamics Program, Ken masterfully weaves in his unique transformative practices and guided meditations to clearly demonstrate how you can integrate these profound teachings into your waking reality. In addition, you’ll receive PDF self-diagnostic practices for each volume of the training to help you assess where you are in your current development and to customize your daily practice to cultivate your unique gifts and potentials.

Integration Questions and Quizzes

After each volume of the Evolutionary Dynamics Training you’ll receive insightful integration questions designed to help you review and retain the core teachings of the Integral framework. You’ll also be challenged with quizzes at key points in your training to test your understanding, unlock additional bonus content, and receive your certificate of completion.

An Invitation...

Throughout human history, the world’s greatest philosophers have gathered students around them to study the nature of life and the workings of reality, and those communities have played an integral role in the evolution of human civilization.

We invite you to study in a community of committed students to explore the deeply transformative work that is most needed on this planet.

It’s important to realize that the foundational problem in our world isn’t that  people are stuck at different stages of development.

The real problem is that there are not yet enough of us who have developed the capacity to deeply empathize with those who are living at every stage, and through that clarity and understanding be better able to help them evolve to the next stage.  

Such empathy also makes it possible to instantly access the various useful capacities each stage of development provides whenever you need them, for any and every situation that arises in your life and work.

Ken, along with many other well-respected philosophers and teachers, believes that once enough of us have evolved to live in that level of enlightened empathy, human consciousness will reach a tipping point, and our whole species will evolve in a single leap forward through our collective connection.

Ken designed his new Evolutionary Dynamics 18-Month Training for a smaller group of dedicated students who are ready to take this deep dive into integral theory and achieve the profound empathy that only a relative few have ever attained.

This training is for truly dedicated students who want to move from a mere conceptual understanding of Integral Theory to actually living that understanding in their daily lives and working on the leading edge of this flowering of consciousness that is the Global Integral Awakening.

If you want to learn to truly “see the world” through the eyes of others,  fill in gaps  in your own growth that may be holding you back, and be able to use your own evolutionary dynamics to shape your life, then it’s time to  go deeper.

A revolution in consciousness is taking place around the world. Consider this your formal invitation to play a bigger part in it.

Course Registration is Closed


Full Online Access


  • Online Learning Platform
  • Over 40 Hours of Exclusive Content
  • Access to Private Community

Digital + Physical

Lifetime Access


  • Lifetime Access!
  • Entire Digital Library
  • Access to Global Community
  • 5-Box Set
  • Over 20 CD Audio Trainings
  • Exclusive Printed Booklet Series


Limited Availability


  • 5-Box Set 
  • Over 20 CD Audio Trainings
  • Exclusive Physical Booklet Series

Course Registration is Closed


Full Online Access


  • Online Learning Platform
  • Over 40 Hours of Exclusive Content
  • Access to Private Community

Digital + Physical

Lifetime Access


  • Lifetime Access!
  • Entire Digital Library
  • Access to Global Community
  • 5-Box Set
  • Over 20 CD Audio Trainings
  • Exclusive Printed Booklet Series


Limited Availability


  • 5-Box Set 
  • Over 20 CD Audio Trainings
  • Exclusive Physical Booklet Series

Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

If for any reason you don’t absolutely love the Evolutionary Dynamics Advanced Training—its quality, its contents, the results it produces, or anything at all—simply email us within 30 days of the start date and we’ll  issue you a full refund.

Plus, we’ll insist that you keep the gifts we’ve given to you as our thank-you for trying the training out.